Wildlife Exclusion

Critter Control uses several methods of habitat modification and exclusion to prevent wildlife from entering your home or property.

Get Wildlife Under Control With Our Wildlife Exclusion Services

Exclusion means closing entry points for animals to your home or business. They won’t be able to come back in. Critter Control is a trustworthy business providing wildlife exclusion services in Pennsylvania. We specialize in environmentally friendly solutions and the compassionate removal of animals. Our main goal is to keep animals out of buildings so they don’t cause harm. We employ various animal exclusion strategies to provide homes and businesses with a secure and pest-free environment. 

Creating A Safe Place By Keeping Out The Intruders

Removing wildlife threatening your home or business is part of our exclusion service. If a wildlife animal has managed to sneak into your home or office, and you want to eliminate them, then you can trust our professionals. With our animal exclusion techniques, here are some steps we’re taking to stop the cycle of infestation.

Finding and Securing

We will start by looking for any access points that animals can use. It could include holes in the floor, cracks in the cement around the pipes, holes in the roof shingles, flashings and eaves, and anywhere an animal could enter your commercial or residential property. Then, we’re going to shut down the access points.

Exposing And Sealing the Common Animal Entryways!

To stop any more infestation, our professionals look into all possible ways that rodents, mice, bats, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife creatures might get into your house.

  • We seal the ridge vents with a ridge guard to prevent animal entry.
  • We place a wire mesh to secure the gable vents, allowing air flow but blocking the entry of animals.
  • We secure the dry vents with covers and seal the cracks in the vents to block the entry of animals and birds.
  • Our team secures the entry of animals and birds from the attic by checking for any damage and gaps in the soffit and covering it.
  • We seal the entry points of the fascia with metal mesh and cover them to discourage wildlife entry.
  • Our experts secure gaps in eaves and install eaves guards to block the entry.
  • We replace damaged chimney liners and cover the open ones to eliminate animals and birds. Removing old caps can also help with animal exclusion.
  • Our team covers the cracks in the foundation to avoid the entry of wildlife. 

Mastering The Art Of Exclusion

After your wildlife exclusion is finished, it’s critical to fix any damage caused by rodents, squirrels, bats, birds, mice, rats, or other pests. Most wild animals will attempt to widen their entrance by scratching or biting into your property with their claws. This can bring about some severe damage. We offer the best exclusion services compared to our competitors. Our team provides the best customer support. To permanently keep animals out, our exclusion solution first identifies access locations through in-depth inspections and then implements specific exclusion techniques. To effectively resolve animal entry, we highlight the significance of ethical animal exclusion, which includes eco-friendly repellents, habitat changes, and following social standards. Get in touch for the exclusion of animals from your property.

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Wildlife becomes a nuisance when animals start damaging your property
or pose a threat to you and your family.