Squirrel Control

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Professional and effective squirrel control services

Homeowners frequently worry about squirrel control, particularly in areas where these nimble and cunning rodents are abundant. Although squirrels are charming to watch in the outdoors, having them in or near homes can cause several problems, including possible health hazards and property damage. At Critter Control, our controlling squirrel tactics are implemented with a comprehensive approach that takes both prevention and intervention strategies into account.

Addressing possible entrance points into homes is the first step in preventing squirrel infestations. Because they are skilled climbers, squirrels can gain access to attics, roofs, and eaves via overhanging branches or by taking advantage of structural weaknesses in homes. Trimming branches and sealing any openings, like vents or roof gaps, is our proactive way to reduce entry points and keep squirrels out of the living areas.

Safe capture by trapping techniques

Our skilled professionals will initiate the process with a thorough examination, determining access points, nesting areas, and the degree of the squirrel infestation. We use expert squirrel trapping techniques, to make sure that squirrels are safely captured and removed, putting their welfare first and controlling the infestation in the process. Our squirrel removal services are available in different areas of Pennsylvania, including Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Camphill, New Cumberland, and Shippensburg.

To stop further squirrel entrance, strategic exclusion tactics are used to harden probable access points and shut entry locations. Beyond just removal, we also provide thorough cleanup and repair services to deal with structural damage and keep a clean, safe atmosphere. We offer suggestions for preventive measures, like pruning tree branches and safeguarding outside food supplies, to discourage squirrel behavior in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing possible access points, cleaning the property regularly, and removing attractants from the area are all necessary steps in putting long-term measures into action to make it less squirrel-friendly.

Although certain do-it-yourself techniques might work, skilled pest control services guarantee a comprehensive and compassionate approach to squirrel control.

Nuts, seeds, and peanut butter all draw squirrels. Try out various baits to determine which one suits your needs the best.

Squirrels can chew car wiring and cause harm. Use repellents and park in well-lit areas to keep them away from your car.

 Put on a mask and gloves, wet waste to stop it from becoming airborne, thoroughly clean and sanitize the area, and dispose of materials correctly.