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About us

Get Rid of the Wild Animals and The Damage Caused By Them

Critter Control is a reliable company that has been providing excellent wildlife damage repair and control services in the US and Canada since 1983. With over 100 offices we stand as the top wildlife control company nationwide, providing solutions to wildlife and pest problems for customers for over three decades. Our professionals are skilled in handling numerous pests and nuisance animals that cause trouble. We are fully capable and trained to solve any problem for homeowners, businesses, and industries related to annoying wild animals. If you require assistance with removing bothersome raccoons, squirrels, rats, bats, snakes, or opossums from your home or attic space, catching moles that damage your garden, or stopping pigeons from damaging your house or business area you can rely on our experts to handle the task safely and humanely. We make sure to avoid the use of force and employ the use of nonviolent ways to help you get rid of wildlife. Our experts are masters in removing many animals from your property, both big and small ones. Our work is about removing these wildlife and pests from your place. Apart from wildlife removal we also fix the damage caused by them and also make sure they cannot come back into your house or business area. Call us now and book our excellent wildlife damage repair services!

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Wildlife becomes a nuisance when animals start damaging your property
or pose a threat to you and your family.

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We control rodents, provide bait stations and recurring service, remove larger vertebrate pests and perform an integrated variety of control approaches to wildlife management and animal damage repair and prevention.