Safe Haven Assurance

Residential Wildlife Control Services Tailored for Your Peace of Mind

Our seasoned team is here to provide tailored solutions for a critter-free living environment. 

Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control

The Humane Animal Control Solution

Critter Control has introduced CritterSafe, the most humane animal removal alternative for residential and commercial property owners. Our CritterSafe exclusion, no-trap wildlife removal and on-site release wildlife services use humane wildlife handling techniques that go the extra mile to protect wild animals. 

Get them out Keep them out!

Our mission is simple yet effective. When it comes to unwelcome critters invading your space, we employ expert removal strategies to promptly eliminate the nuisance. But our commitment doesn’t stop there.

Dead Animal Removal from Homes

How to find a dead animal in your house?

Commonly found animals include squirrels, raccoons, stray cats or dogs, mice, rats, opossums, and skunks. Homeowners risk unpleasant odors and stains, disease, contamination, and further pest infestation when dead animal bodies are left unattended in homes or yards. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, mice, and rats often make their homes within a house. 

Best Wildlife Removal Company

Wildlife becomes a nuisance when animals start damaging your property
or pose a threat to you and your family.

Wildlife Control Services

Animal Removal & Prevention for Businesses

Our professionals are capable of handling animal control issues in condominium properties, apartment buildings, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, military bases, warehouses, and more. Whether it’s birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats, or another nuisance species, we’ll develop and implement a plan to safely remove the animal and prevent them from returning.