Wasp Nest Control

 Critter Control is committed to providing the best and most effective wasp nest control services in Pennsylvania.

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One of the most important services for dealing with potentially dangerous wasp nests in and around residential or commercial locations is wasp nest control. When people accidentally destroy their nests or are allergic to their venom, these stinging insects can be extremely dangerous to their health. At Critter Control, experts in pest management are prepared to tackle the intricacies of wasp nest removal, utilizing a methodical technique that puts occupant safety first and successfully destroys the nests. Our services are available in different areas of Pennsylvania, including Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Camphill, New Cumberland, and Shippensburg.

Comprehensive assessments are the first step in our nest control strategy. Our professional and expert management meticulously examines the premises to find and recognize the wasp nests, ascertaining the extent of the infestation and the species of wasps implicated. To discover and identify the nests, a comprehensive examination is required. Depending on the size and location of the nests, certain insecticides are then applied or removal techniques are used. Because wasps are territorial and there is a chance of allergic reactions, safety measures are crucial while controlling wasp nests. Expert services make houses safer and more pleasurable for both inhabitants and guests by not just addressing current issues but also helping to avoid future infestations.


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Hiring our experts to manage and get rid of wasp nests is a wise and essential step in controlling wasp infestations. Because of their experience, our pest control specialists guarantee a secure and efficient eradication procedure, reducing the chance of wasp sting injuries and stopping infestations from returning. In addition to improving the general comfort and safety of the living or working area, property owners can create a safer atmosphere and feel more at ease knowing that wasp nests are professionally managed when they rely on our professional wasp nest removal services. Trust our professional services and expert specialists to get rid of wasps and their nests. Visit our website and give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wasp nests can indeed be harmful, particularly if they are disturbed. When a wasp feels threatened, it may become aggressive and sting painfully. Additionally, some individuals may be allergic to wasp stings, which can result in serious responses so, getting rid of wasps and their nests is essential.

The size, position, and degree of the infestation are just a few of the variables that might affect how much expert wasp nest removal will cost.

Although it is feasible to remove a wasp nest on your own, doing so is not advised because it can be harmful, particularly for big or difficult-to-reach nests.

You can take precautions, such as caulking gaps and crevices, keeping outside trash cans well sealed, and not leaving food and beverages out of sight, to deter wasps from making nests on your property.

The possibility of wasps returning exists if the nest is not entirely dismantled or if attractants are still present.