Flea & Tick Control

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To protect animals and people from the possible health concerns linked to these parasitic insects, flea and tick removal is an essential part of general pest management and pet care. Ticks and fleas are recognized carriers of numerous illnesses, endangering not just pets but also homes where infestations may arise. At Critter Control, our expert services for controlling fleas and ticks use a variety of strategies to treat and prevent infestations. Usually, the process starts with a thorough assessment to determine the scope of the issue and evaluate possible breeding sites. 

The use of targeted pesticides, which are safe for both humans and pets when applied professionally, may be one of the treatment techniques. We provide routine follow-up exams and treatments to guarantee continued effectiveness and take care of any new problems. Flea and tick control services offer a complete solution that goes beyond simple pest management and helps to create a more comfortable and healthy living space. 

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Our professional flea and tick removal services prioritize the health and welfare of both pets and their human companions by providing a thorough and proactive approach to managing infestations. These services help to create healthier and pest-free living environments by combining targeted treatments, preventive measures, education, and ecologically friendly activities. Frequent cooperation between pet owners and pest control specialists guarantees continued protection and promotes peaceful cohabitation with our furry friends. Our services are available in different areas of Pennsylvania, including Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Camphill, New Cumberland, and Shippensburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ticks and fleas can both attack people and spread illness. For the sake of people's and pets' comfort and health, infestations must be treated as soon as possible.

The majority of commercial goods are safe when used as directed. Nonetheless, it's critical to select items that are appropriate for the species, size, and health of your pet. If in doubt, speak with your veterinarian.

Keeping a clean home, utilizing flea combs, and routine grooming are examples of natural preventive techniques. On the other hand, chemical treatments can be required for serious infestations.

Although flea and tick activity can be reduced by cold temperatures, they can still survive in protected regions or on warm-blooded hosts; thus, year-round control is crucial.

Tweezers should be used with caution when extracting ticks. Holding the tick near the skin, drag it upward. See a veterinarian if you're unsure or if the tick is deeply buried.