Finding unwelcomed guests tucked away in your residence is never a pleasant surprise. The insects that pop their heads out in the dead of night can prove difficult to get rid of. This is more troublesome when you have to ask yourself, “Why do I have a cockroach if my house is clean?” In that instance, emotions can run high and frustrations can boil over to an uncomfortable atmosphere. Again, no one wants pesky and unwanted critters sharing their space. However, they are not impossible to get rid of.

In this article, we will be introducing you to some tips and tricks you may use to set some residential boundaries with these pests. Depending on the severity of an infestation, it may be wise to call for backup. However, to a particular degree, this problem is not ever-lasting. With a few commonly available items and prevention strategies you should be saying “Goodbye!” to your local cockroach in no time!

Become Familiar With The Wisdom Of Your Elders

Now, while this statement can be applied to multitudinous areas of your life, it should also provide useful pieces of information in this avenue as well. You should reach out to older family members or friends to learn of reliable and effective ways of dealing with such pest problems. They may offer valuable knowledge about using household objects (or concoctions) to waft insects away. Also, due to personal relationships, they can share customized solutions. For example, giving importance to any allergies that may triggered by using specific products. Or suggesting processes that offer quick clarification on where these creatures may be coming from.

Similarly, you may be advised to take help from the world of essential oils. Specifically, you should research the impact of peppermint oil in these scenarios. Due to the strong nature of this extract, it has been generationally used in many cultures to repel insects from sharing your spaces. More so, it may also prove useful in dealing with mice. However, before you drop this oil- in a mixture with water- near any entranceways of your house, be careful that no one in your household is allergic.

“Screening” Your Doors And Windows

The implication and usefulness of this point are as literal as you think. If your house depends on natural ventilation to achieve a comfortable temperature, this method is imperative. It can seem like a no-brainer to shut off the windows and doors to keep out mosquitos and other insects. However, forcing such a solution in the melting heat of the summer will make your residence an active oven. Additionally, this step does not guarantee that tiny critters will not find another way in.

So, in hopes of finding a middle ground, it is advisable to invest in screens for your windows and doors. Nowadays, you will find apartments to come with pre-installed mesh screens. This is because the invention has proven to stop the entrance of the most common household insects. 

However, these screens do require maintenance to a particular degree. This is because, after a while, you may find tiny holes in their framework. If these are left ignored, insects will only make them bigger over time. And then, you have lost the effectiveness of your first line of barrier. So, take note of any tears being created in these screens so that they can keep these annoyances out of your home. 

Give Importance To Yard Maintenance

Everything in your household is connected from the health and appearance of your interior home to that of your plants and living spaces outside. This means that- if left neglected- the critters growing on the plants near your house will (in time) find a way to crawl in. Such instances of cause-and-effect are some of the most common causes of infestations. These usually start from overlooked shrubs growing near windows that hide many flying creatures. These tiny ones can easily find an entrance to peek inside the house itself. And from there on out who can estimate how many friends they may invite in? Imagine the scene in Ratatouille, if you will.

Also, above taking care of general yard work in terms of pulling out weeds and trimming wild shrubs, be cautious of excessive water puddles. As is well-known, standing water calls mosquitoes to breed in it like their fellow flying pests, moths being called to a flame. So, becoming familiar with aerating your lawn can be an excellent step to prevent such occurrences from happening. 


Household critters are rarely ever welcomed inside residences, however, once they have entered- effectively celebrating their leave can be a difficult task. But, it is not an impossible one. Hopefully, with the points mentioned above, you feel better equipped to handle these pesky problems and bid their farewell!

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